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Coffee Advent Teacher Gift

Y’all loved my coffee teacher gift for Easter in the egg carton, so I had to find a way to make one for Christmas. So the idea came to me to create a countdown or advent type gift after my Mom told me they have an @keurig in the break room. How fun for the teacher to have a new fun holiday flavor each morning. I added an @nutpods creamer because well it’s delicious 😋 Add a @starbucks gift-card for a little extra love and wrap it all up with the most whimsical yarn ever from @hobbylobby with an @threadmama_story tag 🎄

What do we think of this gift idea? Teachers would you love this the week of school leading up to Christmas break to count down?

Let me know! And give this a share if you love it 😍

Hugs, Kara


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