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Disco-ball Teacher Gift Idea

My disco ball lovers, I have found the ulitmake gift box for the holiday season! Look no further than the Disco Ball Jewelry Box from Hobby Lobby. Is it not gorgeous!? I need one for myself for my rings and my desk for paper clips. If it's sold out for you, take the QR code into the store and have them find it for you. I fould a whole row of them at my store.

Adding the Free Printable: To add a personal touch to your teacher's gift, visit the link here to access the prints on the Whimsically Wonderful that will add the extra bit of whimsy to your gift.

What to Include: In addition to the Disco Ball Jewelry Box, consider adding a gift card and a small bottle of hand sanitizer from bath and body works. The gift card and hand sanitizer add practicality and thoughtfulness to your gift, while the printable from Whimsically Wonderful adds that extra touch of personalization that will make your teacher's day even brighter.

XOXO, Kara


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