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DIY Elf on the Shelf Hot Air Balloon: A Magical Christmas Eve Journey

Click HERE for the FREE elf departure printable

Click HERE for the link to some fun Christmas balloons to make a hot air balloon.

Elevate your Elf on the Shelf tradition with a whimsical hot air balloon adventure! I've been making this ELF balloon since 2020, and it's been a bit with the kids. For this simple DIY project, we'll guide you through creating a charming hot air balloon using a reindeer-shaped balloon, hot glue, ribbon, and a cup. This festive setup allows your Elf to embark on a magical journey back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Materials Needed:

  1. ELF or Reindeer-shaped balloon

  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  3. Festive ribbon

  4. Small cup or basket for the Elf

  5. Optional: Decorations like glitter or mini ornaments


  1. Inflate the Balloon: Fully inflate the balloon according to the instructions.

  2. Attach the Cup: Secure a small cup or basket to the balloon's bottom using hot glue, creating a comfortable spot for your Elf.

  3. Decorate with Ribbon: Enhance the balloon's appearance by adding festive ribbon with hot glue, creating a charming basket for the Elf.

  4. Personalize with Decorations: Optionally, add glitter, mini ornaments, or holiday-themed stickers to give the balloon an extra festive touch.

  5. Set the Scene: Place the hot air balloon in a central spot, allowing the Elf on the Shelf to become the centerpiece as it embarks on its magical journey.

Crafting a hot air balloon for your Elf on the Shelf is a delightful and easy way to add magic to your holiday traditions. This DIY project is family-friendly and allows for personalization, creating cherished memories of a festive and enchanting season. Watch as your Elf takes flight on Christmas Eve, leaving behind a touch of holiday wonder for everyone to enjoy.

XOXO, Kara

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