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DIY Mess Free Travel Kits for Kids

Links for printables and Crayola supplies #'s 3 and 4

Embarking on a journey with kids can be a memorable adventure, but it often comes with the challenge of keeping them entertained without the chaos of messes. To ease this challenge, I'm excited to share with you not just one, but a series of revolutionary products from Crayola and other brands that have been a lifesaver during our family travels: The Color Wonder Mess-Free Finger Painting Activity Book, the Color Wonder Magic Light Brush, and more amazing finds from my curated Amazon shop (link below).

Embrace the Wonders of Mess-Free Art

The thought of combining kids, colors, and travel might seem daunting. Crayola's Color Wonder technology changes that narrative, allowing kids to unleash their creativity without leaving a trail of stains and spills.

1. Color Wonder Mess-Free Finger Painting Activity Book

This book is a fantastic way for kids to enjoy finger painting without any mess. The special paints appear only on Color Wonder paper, so there's no worry about stains on clothes, seats, or anywhere else. It’s perfect for keeping your little artists engaged during travels.

2. Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Elevate the painting experience with the Magic Light Brush. This ingenious tool lights up to match the paint color, though the paint looks clear. When applied to the special paper, vibrant colors magically appear. It's not just an art activity; it's a magical experience for children.

3. Explore More with My Amazon Shop

For those who are looking for more variety, I've put together a selection of my favorite Crayola mess-free products in my Amazon shop. Here, you'll find a wider range of items that promise creative fun without the cleanup hassle. Plus, I’ve included a free printable to enhance your kids’ creative journey. Check it out here: Whimsically Wonderful's Mess Free DIY Kits

4. Print the FREE activity book and mini travel pages

You can access the free activity book and mini travel size that I made blue for those that wanted blue here. Also, on this page is the elf ticket you can place on the front of the activity carrying case.

Our Family's Creative Journey

Our recent trips have been transformed by these Crayola products. The kids were deeply engaged, showing off their artistic skills while we enjoyed peaceful and clean travel. From finger painting to magical light brushes, each product brought a unique flair to their creativity.

Final Thoughts

Travel should be about making joyful memories, not worrying about messes. With these Crayola mess-free products, you can foster your children’s creativity while keeping your travel space neat and stress-free. They’ve been a game-changer for our family, and I believe they’ll make a great addition to your travel essentials too.

Happy travels and enjoy the colorful, mess-free fun!



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