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Budget Friendly Activities for Earth Day

We love the Earth! It is our home and today I'm sharing some fun crafts and snack ideas with you to celebrate this wonderful planet. I'm a firm believer that magic can be added to your holiday, with out needing to break the bank. So below you'll find some budget friendly ideas that I hope bring you inspiration:

Earth Day Cinnamon Rolls

Using Pillsbury rolls with cream cheese icing, I baked them per the recommendation on the packaging. I then divided the icing in half and colored one blue, the other green. Once the rolls were out of the oven and cooled a little bit, the girls helped me ice them. The best part, they don't have to be perfect! We added Fancy Sprinkles stars afterwards and that really made them pop.

Earth Day Headband

Simply print out the free printable available in the Earth Day section. Tape them to any bobble head type of a headband. The kids will love wearing them to school or around the house.

Earth Day Oreo Cookies

One of my favorite treats I'm re-sharing from last year are these earth Oreo's. They are so easy to make. Some melted Wilton chocolate melts and you're set.

Earth PB&J Sandwich:

Can either be made with an Uncrustable or simply a tool bought from Amazon where you can make your own. I used cream cheese and mixed in some cheesecake pudding. I then colored it in 2 different zip-lock bags, 1 for green and 1 for blue. I made my design and then I froze it. Once it was time for lunch, I pulled it out and set it on top of the sandwich. We ate them and read the book Planet Earth.

Help Our Earth Handprint Craft

Oh this craft to this day cracks me up. I'm sure you've counted the fingers LOL. After we gave the earth a helping hand by pledging to always take of our home, I turned around to clean up and she said, "Mommy I gave the earth an extra finger to help." This will never leave my box of keepsakes as it's just such a good memory for me.

Chocolate Covered Apples Earth Themed

We had fun making these earth themed apple nachos last year. I mixed the blue/green candy melts together and drizzled on to the apples. I then made a home-made whipped cream and created clouds. The chocolate was a little to thick, so if we ever remake them, I'll be sure to cut my bag hole a little smaller.

Earth Day Goodie Bag

A new idea for this year is a good bag filled with earth day treats! I found the adorable bag from Target that I stuffed with blue/green playdoh, stickers, a shirt and the cutest bath bombs from Tubby Todd which I have linked for you.


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