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Last Day of School Gift Idea

Save this idea for summer also!

Dear parents of a senior, this one’s for you! Or any older school child who on the last day could responsibly use the camera, even a teacher to make keepsake albums each year.

On the last day of my senior year my Mom gifted me a Polaroid camera and I went around taking photos with teachers and my friends. I still have that album in my room and it’s one of my favorite gifts ever she’s given me! So I thought, I have to share this idea with all of you. And many have asked about my mini photo albums and I linked them for you on the blog.

My children are also military babies, and we have many friends moving this summer. So we’ve been using our @fujifilm_instax_northamerica to capture memories to put into our photo album.

Here is the link for the printable and for the photo album, I'm giving you a couple super fun options. Like this, and this, and this!


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