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Sugar Free Cotton Candy Gelatin Cups

Hello, my whimsical friends!

Click HERE for everything you need to make this fun dessert!

Today, I'm beyond excited to share a magical treat I whipped up for my little ones’ Valentine's Day tea party - Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Jello Cups! These adorable heart-shaped delights are not only a feast for the eyes but also kind to our health. Yes, you heard it right - they're sugar-free!

Why Sugar-Free?

In our household, we're all about embracing the sweet life while keeping things healthy. I've always been a proponent of finding creative ways to reduce sugar intake, especially for the kids. This is why for this special day, I decided to experiment with a sugar-free version of a classic favorite.

The Magical Ingredients

  • Heart-Shaped Molds: The heart of this recipe (pun intended!) is the adorable heart-shaped molds I found on Amazon. They're just perfect for Valentine's Day and super easy to use.

  • Sugar-Free Starburst Gelatin: I opted for this jello as it's sugar-free and has that fruity punch we all adore.

  • Cotton Candy Skinny Syrup: To add that whimsical cotton candy flavor without the extra sugar, I used a skinny syrup.

Creating the Magic

  1. Preparation: I started by dissolving the sugar-free gelatin in boiling water, following the package instructions.

  2. Adding the Whimsy: Once the gelatin was ready, I stirred in the cotton candy skinny syrup and the Fancy Sprinkles prism powder. The sparkle was heavenly!

  3. Molding the Love: I poured the mixture into the heart-shaped molds and let them set in the refrigerator.

  4. The Big Reveal: After a night of firming, the gelatin cups were ready!

The Tea Party

The kids' eyes lit up when they saw these treats at their tea party. The gelatin cups were a hit! Not only were they captivated by the shape, but they also couldn't get enough of the cotton candy flavor - all without the usual sugar rush.

Final Thoughts

These Sugar-Free Cotton Candy gelatin Cups were a testament to the fact that we can enjoy delicious, fun, and themed treats without compromising on health. It was a joy to see the kids devour them with glee, and I must say, I enjoyed a few myself!

Stay whimsical and keep spreading the love!

Until next time, Kara

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