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End Of The Year Classmate Gifts

Y'all how in the world is it Summer of 2022 already?! I mean I'm excited, but I feel like I was just dropping off my sweet girl to first grade. It has flown by. Today on the blog I'm sharing some very easy ideas with you for your school aged kiddo to give their friends to wish them a wonderful summer.

Way To Grow Friend

You might have seen these on my Instagram feed already, but they are so adorable and easy to make. We love Good2Grow in our home and so do the littles. A perfect preschool or young school aged treat.

We Had Bubbles Of Fun This Year

I have another version of this avaible with bubbles. So either bubble gum for the older kids or bubbles for the younger ones. It's a win!

Oh Snap! Schools Out

My girls are obsessed with these cutie cuffs, however, you could use this tags also for those popper toys the kids love these days.

Catch Your Dreams This Summer

I just had to use these Target dollar spot butterfly nets somehow and a catch your dreams this summer tag came to mind. There are many different colors of these avaible and even fill the nets with candy, playdoh or some seeds to plant in the backyard.

Magic Of Summer Reading

I wanted to create a bookmark to encourage reading this summer and there are lots of wonderful books at Dollar Tree or even the Target dollar spot. You can laminate these booksmarks and they can hole punch a circle out each time they read a book.

Have A Bright Summer

Lastly, we all could use some sweet shades to get us through summer. I found these in the Target dollar spot and paired with a tag. Easy and will for sure get used.


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