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Transforming Dollar Store Finds into Whimsical Wonders: My Heart Plate Surprise

Hello, whimsical friends!

Before we start for the FREE printable click HERE

To find the shaker heart plates from Dollar Tree click HERE

Today, I'm diving into a whimsical DIY adventure, taking inspiration from a charming idea I shared on Instagram for Halloween and Christmas: the Dollar Tree surprise gift containers. Valentines Day one comes with a twist: swapping out the OG containers for sparkling heart plates! Imagine turning these everyday items into a burst of joy and color, perfect for brightening up any corner of our homes. So, grab your glitter and let's sprinkle some whimsical magic together!

To recreate the surprise containers, follow these steps:

  1. Gather Your Materials: Get the glittered heart plates and anything you want to fill it with like a gift-card, hairclips, candy, etc.

  2. Assemble the Container: Carefully tape or attach the plates together to form your container. Wrap it up in the cellophane you can also grab from Dollar Tree. Add ribbon if you wish like I did.

  3. Decorate: Add any additional decorations to personalize your container. This could include the FREE printable. Now it's ready to gift!

And there you have it, the cutest gift for a teacher or your kiddos. May this whimsical DIY bring a sprinkle of joy, a dash of wonder, and an endless stream of smiles to whomever you are gifting it you. Until our next crafting adventure, keep weaving your own magical stories!

XOXO, Kara

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